The ABC Shop

ABC Shop|
3 Jan 2012
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Once ubiquitous to the Singaporean landscape, the mamashop is now a dying cultural icon. The mamashops served their local communities with everyday provisions in decades past until the advent of high-rise HDB apartments relegated the remaining few to curiosities of a bygone era. Join us as we transport a mamashop into Art Stage, updating its purpose to purveyor of the discerning art collector. We invite you to peruse our curios and enhance your artistic pleasures while reflecting on a Singapore that constantly reinvents itself. THE ABC SHOP makes its debut at Art Stage 2012 and will serve the art fair as a pop-up convenience store within the fairgrounds. Peddling a range of over 1000 exclusive goods and services catered especially for the art world, it will do so in a space of less than 100 square feet. Items for sale include: - A comprehensive list of limited edition art publications - A 1982 Delorean Motor Company (DMC) Car kept in mint condition - Luxury sundries including a travel size set of Hermes toiletries - A pay-per-squirt perfume bar - A 1982 bottle of Château Margaux (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux) - An apothecary which boasts an exotic stocklist with everything from Chinese Turtle Shell Drops to African Sea Coconut Cough Elixirs - A complimentary international postcard postal service

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