Hungry Ghost Festival|8 Sep 2014

Every year, around August, the Hungry Ghost Festival takes place in Singapore. During this month, it is believed by Singapore's Chinese residents that ghosts roam freely, and spiritual activity is at an all-time high. In a city that is fast modernizing, heritege festivals and cultural processions are misunderstood, and therefore deemed irrelevant by an explosion of expatriates, and burgeoning youth. 

To speak to them, we decided to kill one of the most famous Singaporean national mascots and resurrected him as the spirit of the season, providing helpful tips, boos and don'ts for the Hungry Ghost Festival. Our efforts went viral within days, with much of the online community spreading word scarily fast. 


Grey Goose Guild|5 Jan 2014

When the Grey Goose Guild invited us to showcase the good work we've been doing this past year, we decided to take the opportunity instead to use this hi-so hi-style event to garner donations for victims of the recent Typhoon Haiyan disaster in the Philippines.  The result was a simple pop-up initiative that took the form of a vending machine, which sold “Ideas for a better life.” Every box sold was a $50 donation to the Typhoon Haiyan fund. The machine sold out by the end of the night.


Art-in-Film Festival at Dusk|12 Mar 2013

The Art-in-Film Festival at Dusk 2013 debuted in starry, balmy splendour on the sands at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. Singapore was treated to 13 days, 21 screenings and 9 award-winning films from the great festivals including Cannes, Sundance and Tribeca. Cinema goers were met with a custom-built, 200 seat cinema that consisted of imported riviera deck chairs, custom performance art pieces and gourmet popcorn, courtesy of chef Craig Schantz from Tanjong Beach Club. To find out more about AFFD 2013 please visit

ABC Shop|3 Jan 2012

Once ubiquitous to the Singaporean landscape, the mamashop is now a dying cultural icon. The mamashops served their local communities with everyday provisions in decades past until the advent of high-rise HDB apartments relegated the remaining few to curiosities of a bygone era. Join us as we transport a mamashop into Art Stage, updating its purpose to purveyor of the discerning art collector. We invite you to peruse our curios and enhance your artistic pleasures while reflecting on a Singapore that constantly reinvents itself. THE ABC SHOP makes its debut at Art Stage 2012 and will serve the art fair as a pop-up convenience store within the fairgrounds. Peddling a range of over 1000 exclusive goods and services catered especially for the art world, it will do so in a space of less than 100 square feet. Items for sale include: - A comprehensive list of limited edition art publications - A 1982 Delorean Motor Company (DMC) Car kept in mint condition - Luxury sundries including a travel size set of Hermes toiletries - A pay-per-squirt perfume bar - A 1982 bottle of Château Margaux (France, Bordeaux, Médoc, Margaux) - An apothecary which boasts an exotic stocklist with everything from Chinese Turtle Shell Drops to African Sea Coconut Cough Elixirs - A complimentary international postcard postal service

Social Services|3 Jan 2012

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