Art-in-Film Festival at Dusk 2013|12 Mar 2013

First time ever leh! The Art-in-Film Festival at Dusk show 9 art films over 13 days. The films is not any o how choose one. Is sibei solid films okay! Got win international prize and got the palm leaf at the side that type one hor. And also because "dusk" mah, so dusk means the movie is show after the sun set at night. And plus we build one whole outdoor cinema at the beach, romantic a bit! Look at the picture you also know is chio de. We also give out free popcorn to everyone, let people eat until shiok. Want to kaypoh more? Can. Nah, see here - 

Social Services|3 Jan 2012

You want to know the secret to stay until damn got sey in New York, Paris, Singapore, Bangkok, London, Melbourne, Beijing and San Francisco or not? We go all over the world and find writers, photographers and partners from these places, maciam like collaboration liddat. And we ask them to show people how to not look, act and live like a suaku tourist but like a wu sey local. The list of cities continue to grow and grow hor and we summore add new section called Localogue. Confirm you cannot find anything like anywhere else one! 

ABC Shop|3 Jan 2012

Last time when policemen wear shorts, everywhere you go also got mamashop. And mamashop is the best one, everyone know. Sweet lah, comb lah, pen lah, bread lah, shampoo lah... what you want, the downstairs mamashop also got sell. But very sad, nowadays, lesser and lesser mamashop. Everyone go to supermarket to buy their things. To make sure people don't forget the mamashop, we bring in one entire mamashop into Art Stage Singapore 2012! But this time we change things a bit - mamashop usually sell bread, sweet, comb, pen that kind right? Now we atas because art fair is must atas one mah. We call it THE ABC SHOP. The ABC Shop never sell bread, sweet, comb, pen. The ABC Shop sell over 1,000 atas things like a 1982 Delorean Motor Company (DMC) Car (new one hor!) - Atas toiletries like Hermes brand one - A perfume bar, you squeeze the perfume one time, then you pay one time - A 1982 bottle of Château Margaux (dunno simi atas wine lah, drink already confirm shiok) - Can send postcard to overseas also - A lot of limited edition atas art books and more!