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Most Tok Gong Ever Drypers

18 Jul 2012
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When you first think of diapers, what you think of? Pampers right? You all always call it "Pampers" right? Wear the "Pampers" for the baby. Saturday go NTUC must stock up on "Pampers". Salah lah! It's diapers lah! Simi "Pampers"? So that's the problem that Drypers is facing lor. They got a lot of competition from Pampers lah, Huggies lah, Mamy-Poko (Pants!) lah. Everyone also say they ownself is very good, is the best, is the most tok gong for your baby. Rabak lah liddat, how Drypers grow market share sia? 

So what we do is, we tell people that Drypers now is new, got so much improvements and is the most tok gong ever diapers from Drypers! And then we show people new picture of Drypers and tell people that Drypers is most suitable for types of baby pantat!

willam from TSLA on Vimeo.

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