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Everyday Got One evian

12 Apr 2012
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You got hear of evian before? We also got. But that's evian's problem lah. Almost every one in Singapore got hear of evian before, but they all think evian is atas and sibei ex. They all think that it's only those people stay in Upper Bukit Timah or Sentosa Cove buy and go home drink one. How we make people think of evian everyday leh? And not just anyhow think hor - is must think in a fun way.

Simple lah! We tell Singapore: We play game with you! So what we do is, we take 250,000 evian bottles (250,000 hor, mai siao siao!) and change the label from the pink colour mountain picture to MON, TUE, WED etc until SUN. Then we ask people to collect the bottles, maciam collect Hello Kitty liddat. You collect different combo, you can win different prizes! How to collect your prize? We build one pop-up shop outside the ION Orchard. Pink colour one shop in the middle of Orchard Road, blind also confirm you can see. We tell people to bring down the different combo of MON - SUN bottles and can win different prize! Got many different types of prize - got $300 atas restaurant makan voucher, got $1,000 cash and grand prize is send you to the evian spa in Tokyo, Jipun let you one time shiok shiok!

In the end, almost all the bottles kena redeemed. evian bottle sales also go up by 38%! Song boh! 

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