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Eat until last warning

19 Sep 2012
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Every year, Swissôtel got this atas event called "Chefs with Altitude". They ask famous chefs from all across the world, come down Singapore, cook food that is like, the plate big big, the food in the centre small small that kind. Give you example of the chefs - got David Toutain of Agapé Substance, Paris, and Adam Byatt of Trinity Restuarant, London. They combine force with Julien Royer of JAAN and Lee Bennett of Equinox Restaurant (wah, the names like chim sia!) and come up with this year's menu. Then we tell people the tagline "Ingredients don't limit the minds of masterchefs". How to make people want to believe this? Easy lah! We give people a coffee table book. Mai siao siao, the coffee table book not anyhow kind one. The front page like sticker book liddat, can paste the sticker on the cover. Want to how interactive, you tell me?


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