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16 May 2016
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Netflix is new to many in Asia. When it was first launched in the region at the start of 2016, its arrival was anticipated by a group of insiders. For Netflix to truly arrive in Asia, it needed to not only excite existing fans, but win over new ones.
Our response : #ClubNetflix – The first of its kind Netflix-dedicated community made up of Asia's most influential superfans. A socially-driven activation to bring Netflix closer to Asia through existing brand advocates. 
Bringing to life Netflix’s vision of global storytelling to a global audience, we built an on-ground experience anchored around iconic scenes from Netflix Originals. From The Commissary from Orange is the New Black, La Catedral from Narcos, Luke's Bar from Jessica Jones and Nelson & Murdock's law firm from Daredevil, these scenes provided our guests endless opportunities for unique content to be created and shared within their own communities. 
The immersive experience culminated in an appearance from Charlie Cox, Daredevil himself – a surprise that exploded both their minds and social feeds. 
The region's biggest superfans – from India, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore – with a combined following of 16 million, were specially flown in from around the region to experience #ClubNetflix for themselves over an unforgettable 48 hours. The result was over hundreds of #ClubNetflix posts created and shared across Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube, reaching an unprecedented 58 million impressions, and sparking off Netflix-anchored conversations all across subcultures. 
As a result of the surging interest surrounding #ClubNetflix, it will be the cornerstone for future Netflix brand experiences in Asia, and one that will continue to grow brand love amongst fans - both old and new alike. 

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