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Jamming with Asia

Tiger Beer|
22 Sep 2016
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We were tasked with developing a music platform across regional Asia in a noisy, cluttered beer category.
Our response: Tiger JAMS, a platform to stage undiscovered Asian music talents to the world, through the magic of collaboration.  
Starting with some of the freshest undiscovered acts from Malaysia and Thailand, Tiger JAMS added acclaimed Asian musicians and visual artists to the mix, for unexpected connections that resulted in an epic jam session to explore new music possibilities—both sonically and visually.
The collaborative platform ultimately led to the discovery and staging of six rising stars, with each composing an original Tiger JAMS track and producing a music video to call their own. These six music videos are all works of deep collaboration, and a testament to the magic that happens when different creative talents are brought together—regardless of background or language differences. 
“Home to You” is by Malaysian Tiger JAMS act Rozella, along with acclaimed act Darren Ashley (MY), and visual artist Flex (SG) – just one of the six collaborations showcased on TigerJams.com. It was one of the two tracks subsequently selected by international superstars CHRVCHES, to create exclusive remixes of. (The other being “Good Luck, Girl” by Thai Tiger JAMS act Mirrr.)

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