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Say it with Tiger

Tiger Beer|Digital|
27 May 2016
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Chinese New Year (CNY) is Asia’s most culturally significant festival.
However, unlike Christmas or Valentine’s Day, the western world doesn't quite know how to celebrate it whenever CNY comes around. 
We saw the opportunity for Tiger Beer, Asia’s most iconic beer, to rally the world for a global sharing of greetings during Chinese New Year 2016. We came up with an original greeting “虎虎生威,贺新年” (Translation : The bold stands tall and roars the greeting into the new year”) and invited non-native mandarin speakers from around the world to kickstart #SayItWithTiger – stars from the likes of Liam Hemsworth, Norman Reedus, Diego Costa, Emily Ratajkowski and Chris Bosh. In turn, their fans were rallied to return their greetings, which was then stitched into a customized greeting to be shared amongst their friends. 
Submissions came pouring in, from countries as far-flung as Germany, Spain and Nigeria. The campaign saw participation from 6 out of 7 continents, and reached a total of 132 million impressions, ultimately sparking off more than 34 million social interactions globally. 
And when people weren’t recording their #SayItWithTiger greetings, they were busy talking about it. The campaign received an earned PR value of over $100,000 USD, and also paved the way for CNY to become a part of the global cultural conversation – at one point being used as a meme (that went viral) to mock a previous Chris Bosh and LeBron James showdown. 
For the first time in Chinese New Year history, an invitation was extended to the world to partake in this cultural exchange, setting a new precedent for Chinese New Year celebrations globally. 
#SayItWithTiger was supported by a key visual developed in collaboration with fine artist James Jean, creative 3D designer Rizon Parein and the creative practice at TSLA. 

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