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Sweeter than you think

22 Sep 2016
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For years, green kiwifruits have chalked up a reputation for being “sour”. This mistaken label, along with a lack of product education efforts, has proven to be one of its top barriers-to-purchase anywhere in the world.
Tasked by Zespri to address this, we set out to correct this misconception with an entertaining music video, featuring the most unlikely spokespeople—a trio of mean-looking tough guys. Most people wouldn’t think of fellas like these when they think of the word ‘sweet’, but we’ve all come across that “tough guy” who’s really just misunderstood. There’s more than meets the eye, if one would get to know them. 
A specially composed jingle was painstakingly crafted to accompany the video, making sure that our core message stuck with viewers long after they’ve watched it. As the video launched online to much hilarity amongst viewers, a gang of tough guys were propagating the same message offline, as we sent them on an island-wide mission to hand deliver “gangsta briefcases” into the hands of key journalists and editors across town. 
The campaign is anchored on a central website that educates with Green Kiwifruit ripening and enjoyment tips, and is further supported by print, radio, social media and on-ground sampling exercises. “Sweeter Than You Think” broke across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore in August 2016, and has garnered over more than 1.5 million views to date.  

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